What’s the Benefit of Using a Real Estate Team?

You might have noticed that I joined The Spica Real Estate Team! Now what exactly does that entail?…

After being licensed in real estate, I started out as a normal independent agent through Spica Real Estate; essentially I ran my own business and offered my services to clients. As of April 1 though, I joined Paul Spica and Ryan Kaufman (plus our amazing assistant Amy) in a business partnership. Now we can offer even more dedicated focus to our clients by sharing tasks and talents.

Here are a few reasons why working with The Spica Real Estate Team is a good idea!

  1. Expertise: Along with his extensive real estate knowledge, Ryan has a history in business, while Paul has been a member of multiple business and housing investments. I haven’t spent as much time in real estate, but I always strive to bring a passion for educating both myself and our clients along with providing a unique perspective as a young professional.
  2. Organization: The Spica Real Estate Team has systems in place to make sure we stay on top of each element in a transaction, every step of the way. As you know, every “t” must be crossed and every “I” must be dotted.
  3. Relationships and Trust: Sometimes as a real estate team grows, it loses the individual relationships with clients. With The Spica Real Estate Team, it is imperative that we keep our clients’ interests first. The only way that we can do this is by knowing what is really important to our clients. A real estate transaction can be very complicated, so it’s key to have two way trust and communication.
  4. Teamwork and Synergy: One advantage of using a team is that you have more than one person stepping up to bat for you. This allows more flexibility and expands the level of help that we can provide.

We have three roles throughout a transaction. We are your consultant. We are your negotiator. And we are the overseer of all the transactional details. If you have more questions about The Spica Real Estate Team, email me at brandon@spicarealestate.com!

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