Spring Cleaning: 5 ways to spruce up your home today!

Spring is upon us and the weather is warming up, but the West Michigan market is already hot!! Whether you’re selling your home or not, here are some quick tips for Spring cleaning.

  1. Clean the carpets
    After months of winter; it’s easy for snow, dirt, or pets to degrade your pristine carpet. You can hire local companies to clean the carpets, or here’s one natural way to clean it yourself! Not only will your home look better, but it will feel and smell much cleaner!
  2. Wash the windows
    A project that the kids can help with! Open up the windows to wash and wipe the winter blues away.
  3. Dust ceiling fixtures
    When’s the last time you dusted your ceiling fan?…Get out the ladder and clean your light fixtures and fans! You already have to deal with Spring allergies, so rid your house of all the dust collecting.
  4. Deep clean the fridge
    What might seem to be a daunting task, doesn’t need to be difficult. Start with 1 shelf or drawer and empty the contents. Then go to town wiping every surface. Place the food back into the fridge and tackle the next shelf! Finish by polishing or wiping the outside.
  5. Yard work
    Yikes, where do you start? Make a list of everything you need to accomplish to create your outdoor paradise, then prioritize based on when it needs to be done. Have green beans to plant in the garden? Mulch needed by the patio? Pool maintenance? Reference this seed calendar to help you prioritize. After you make your list, knock out the projects that enable other projects (such as building your raised garden bed, which allows you to plant your green beans in April).

Did I miss anything? Tell me your favorite spring cleaning tricks!



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