Condo vs. House

With today’s tight inventory, many buyers are reexamining what sort of home they want to buy. It’s worth taking a look at the condominium vs. single family home discussion.While some people associate condos with retirees, many young adults are choosing the condo life!  Everyone knows that when you buy a house, you’re responsible for the home and the land underneath. With a condo you buy the inside of a building, but each owner has an undivided interest in all common areas (driveways, yards, pools, community buildings, etc). A group of condos is usually organized in a condominium association and governed by board members. Now, because the ownership of the common areas are shared between everyone who lives there, each member pays monthly dues to the association in order to hire services like landscaping, snow plowing, and trash pick up.

Both condos and houses can be good investments, so let’s look at the pros and cons…

Screenshot 2017-03-23 16.27.37

It’s important to note that each condo association is different. So if you’re interested in a condo near you, contact me and we can look into the different features and amenities, the rules and regulations, and what the association fees cover!

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