Design and Decorating: 2017

I was curious what the latest design and decorating trends were, so I did a quick search on Pinterest and Google. This left me pretty confused and overwhelmed. Ideas ranged from light neutral colors paired with simple and elegant decorations, to intense blues with funky furniture, to simplistic themes featuring the grain of the wood used, giving an authentic nature-y feel. Clearly this is not my expertise, so I turned to a professional and friend to get the inside scoop.

Lauren Figueroa created her business, The Georgia Pear Interiors, in order to “…Help our clients create functional spaces that inspire creativity, lend themselves to community, and allow for rest and regeneration.” Lauren strives to make home a place that “inspires joy.”

She offers many free resources on her website, including her blog. In one post, she introduces both Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore’s colors of 2017. 

Benjamin Moore’s Shadow 2117-30 is a deep purple that, according to the company, is “allusive and enigmatic.” Sherwin-Williams announced their love for Poised Taupe SW 6039, saying that they went for a cozy and authentic feel.

Interested in learning more about Lauren and her design ideas? Check out her blog, and also download her awesome e-workbook!

Contact info:
larrylauren_web-12The Georgia Pear Interiors
Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest: The Georgia Pear

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