Do we really get to walk through other people’s houses? How does that work?

Undoubtedly, one of the most fun aspects of being a real estate agent is looking at houses throughout West Michigan. From ranch styles to log homes, cape cods to colonials, hunting lodges to urban condos, we see it all. Real estate agents are used to walking through homes, peering into every closet and crawl space, but what should you expect when you start looking at homes? Here are 5 helpful answers to questions you might have.

  1. The sellers are usually not home
    When we schedule a “showing,” the seller will leave the home during our appointment. This allows us to feel comfortable walking and talking as we look at the house. Sometimes, however, the sellers are unable to leave the home for our showing. Although it’s not ideal, sometimes it’s necessary due to their circumstances. In such cases, we simply adapt and walk through the home with the sellers present! One added bonus is that the sellers can answer questions that we have.
  2. It’s ok to test faucets, doors, and windows
    Just be sure to leave everything as it was!
  3. It’s ok to look into closets
    If you were buying a car, you wouldn’t feel bad about popping the hood or taking a glance in the trunk, it’s no different with a house! The sellers understand that you need to fully examine the house. But…
  4. Don’t touch personal belongings and don’t use their bathroom
    This might be common sense to most people, but sometimes it’s tempting to thumb through that vintage record collection. And unless it’s a real emergency, I don’t want to be known as the Realtor who let his clients leave the seat up and use all their toilet paper. Thank you.
  5. The most common complaint sellers have after showings is that lights were left on, shoes were left on, and doors were left unlocked. 
    We’ll be sure to take our shoes off, so be prepared by wearing socks! We will try and respect the homeowners time and property.

These are some brief tips. If you have more questions about searching for a house, please email me at

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