I like this house, but how do I know if it’s a good choice? Part 1

“It’s my worst nightmare. We finally found a home we love, but we’ve only lived here for 3 months and the basement is flooded again. Not only that, but the roof is leaking in the office room onto my stack of files and-” Suddenly your train of thought is interrupted by a piercing noise as the Carbon Monoxide alarm goes off near what you thought was a working furnace…


The financial and legal process of buying a home is tricky enough, but a majority of Americans do not understand the intricacies of HVAC, roofs, foundations, basements, soil grading, plumbing, and siding etc. How then can we be confident that if we buy a house, it will still be standing in 10 years?


Once a house is put under contract, the buyer has 10 days to do inspections. I always recommend hiring a professional home inspector like Firm Foundation Home Inspection or ABI Inspection Services. These experts will take a comprehensive look at your home and compile a detailed list of repairs that should be made. They will distinguish between urgent repairs and simple maintenance repairs. This is the best way to make sure that you are making a wise investment by minimizing your risk.

A typical home inspection should include an examination of the following,

  • Electrical: Panel, Main Power, Visible Wiring, Switches, Outlets

  • Roof: Shingles, Chimney, Gutters, Flashings

  • Heating & Cooling: Furnace, Air Conditioning, Visible Ducts

  • Plumbing: Water Heater, Pipes, Drains

  • Exterior: Yard, Drainage, Siding, Flashings, Driveway, Steps, Doors, Trim

  • Attic: Ventilation, Insulation, Trusses, Rafters

  • Basement or Crawl Space: Moisture Penetration, Joists, Concrete Walls, Sump Pump

You can feel comfortable knowing that if you buy a home, it will only be after we have the confidence to move forward.

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