How does a real estate agent help when I buy a home?

“What is a real estate agent, and why do I need one?” Today I’ll be answering this question so that you know exactly how a real estate agent helps you!

The term “Real Estate” essentially means land or buildings (as opposed to personal property). A “real estate agent” is someone who is licensed by the state as a professional who is qualified to aid clients in real estate transactions. Note: “Realtor” has a slightly different definition, but is often used interchangeably with “real estate agent.”

The phrase “You don’t know what you don’t know” definitely applies to buying a home. This is a complicated process, and mistakes can be very costly. As your real estate agent, I have three roles. I am your consultant, I am your negotiator, and I am the overseer of all the transactional details.

  1. As your consultant, I will ask you insightful and thought provoking questions because discovering what is really important to you is really important to me.

    Specific tasks include: Making sure we only pursue homes that are in your price range, focusing on the most important priorities and not getting distracted by other things, connecting you with experts from other professions.

  2. As your negotiator, I treat your money like it is mine. I don’t have to tell you that you need a skilled, experienced, and focused negotiator on your side, because you already know that.

    Specific tasks include: Learning the market values for your neighborhood, explaining the specific home’s value, crafting an offer, and fighting for the terms and conditions that best fit your situation.

  3. As the overseer of all the transactional details, I make sure you don’t get buried beneath the paperwork! As you can imagine, every “I” must be dotted and every “T” must be crossed, because a mistake can be very costly to you.

    Specific tasks include: Making phone calls and emails, coordinating between the 14 different parties that can get involved in your transaction, proof reading and explaining paperwork and contracts.

Of course this is just a summery, be sure to read my future posts about how real estate agents work!

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