Why it’s GOOD to use a young Realtor!

Do you shy away from using a young real estate agent? Do you only look for Realtors with 20 years of experience?

What are the benefits to using a young real estate agent like Brandon?
-Long time Realtors often work on many transactions at the same time
-Brandon doesn’t have as many clients yet, so he can dedicate more time to YOU
-Long time Realtors normally have assistants and teams that handle their business for them, causing you to deal with numerous people throughout the transaction
-Brandon walks through every step of the process with you!
-Long time Realtors are sometimes satisfied with their business
-Brandon is passionate and dedicated to growing his business!
-Long time Realtors like the simple “the good old days”
-Brandon uses technology to make life easy for his clients!

Don’t take his word for it, schedule an initial consultation with Brandon and judge for yourself.